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Sustainable Fruit Growing
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26th Scientific Symposium with International Participation


Laboratories structure has been modernized and reorganized so as covering both research and training activities in testing fruit and propagation material quality field.

  • Scientific and documentary services, technologies and technical solutions in the field of fruit and propagation material storage, for:
    • determination of risk factors with action pre and post harvest for the fruit trees products, which can influence the quality and the preservation period of the fruits regarding the pre cultivation and post harvest risk management planning;
    • obtaining the experimental data for moment determination and intervention modalities for the main fruit trees species in cultivation technology, in order to obtain fruits with competitive appropriate quality properties;
    • elaborating technologies for laboratory in order to preserve horticulture products with different grade of perish ability;
    • the possibility of determining the residues of pesticides from the fresh horticulture products;
    • experimenting preservation methods in the controlled atmosphere (ULO-CA) of the horticulture products and packing in a modified atmosphere;
    • determining a maximum period of preservation for the main horticulture species with the maintain ace of the qualitative properties, using biochemists principals; hemibiozy, fizioanabioza and chemiobiozy.

2. Dissemination of information on the scientific event and scientific journals

  • increase in visibility and dissemination of the research results and of the scientific work in fruit growing;
  • promoting Romanian results of the scientific research both nationally and internationally.

3. Other services including:

    • storage of fruits and fruit trees propagation material;
    • scientific and technical expertise in domain;
    • technology information for producers who want to become competitive in the market of fruits and fruit trees propagation material storage technologies;
    • establishing causes that determines the appearance of the metabolic disorder and the reducing ways of losses due by those, at the request of growers.