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26th Scientific Symposium with International Participation


In order to ensure fresh fruits and vegetable consumption for a longer period of time, is necessary their temporary preservation without a qualitative depreciation and without quantitative losses. Preserving means fresh horticulture products maintenance (fruits and vegetables) for a period of time after the harvest, without physical, chemical and major biological modification. The project aims at the experimental development facilities for the researches that hint the study over the physiological and biochemical process of the fruits and fruit trees propagation material along their evolution in cropping and post harvest, in order to find methods for preserving their qualitative properties on the sinuous track of improvement. The existence of this laboratory will make possible the determination of the interventions effect in the fruit trees species crop technology and the management of the risk factors with pre and post harvest action, as well as developing facilities for technologic research-for studying evolution of the fresh fruits and propagation material, from biochemical, physiologic and metabolic point of view, in different stages of the improvement process and preserving in different environments physical-chemical verified: controlled atmospheric temperature, humidity and chemical composition of the air.
The project aims at achieving the following activities:
1.         Modernizing a specialized laboratory for the improvement of fruit trees post harvest;
2.         Endowing the specialized laboratory for improvement of fruit products post harvest with modern equipment for the study of the physical-chemical and organo-leptic properties of the fruit trees products in different phenological stages of growth;
3.         Modernizing and isolating the experimental cells of preserving fruits and young trees in environments physically and chemically controlled;
4.         Endowing the experimental modules with equipments of monitoring and controlling the preserved environment in the controlled atmosphere (ULO-CA);
5.         Endowing with packing, calibration and sorting equipment.