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Sustainable Fruit Growing
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26th Scientific Symposium with International Participation


General objective
Modernization the laboratory of research for fruit storage and marketing that was established at RIFG in 1979, in order to develop the experimental facilities aimed at investigating physiological and biochemical processes occurring in fruit on their development in cultivation and postharvest, that will be at the disposal of the scientific research groups in the field. The material basis existing at RIFG was kept and modernized using the endeavour of the Institute personnel and is 1,700,000 lei worth. It is a solid departure basis which, by further modernizing, can facilitate ample and broad scientific investigations, both for apple and stone-like species, for small fruits and berries which are very perishable, and even to keep and preserve the planting material of trees and berries. From its experimental activities, RIFG supplies the entire range of material needed in experiments. The high-quality specialists is the economic efficiency guarantor of the investment of modernization. Locating the experimental laboratory in Pitesti is the best choice as this town is the residence of the most important district in fruit growing in this country.

Specific objectives:

    • Arranging  a specialized laboratory for the improvement and horticulture products marketing;
    • Endowing the specialized laboratory for fresh fruit storage with modern equipment for the study of the physic-chemic and taste properties of the horticulture products in different phenology phases of growth and fructification;
    • Modernizing and isolating the experimental cells of preserving the horticulture products in environments physic and chemic controlled, through specific isolation works;
    • Endowing the experimental cells with equipments of monitoring and controlling the preserved environment in the controlled atmosphere (temperature, atmospheric humidity, O2 concentration, CO2 concentration, ethylene continence );
    • Endowing with packing equipment in the atmosphere modified for the study of the preserving behaviour of the fruit products with different grades of perish ability in the modified atmosphere.
    • Project results dissemination by creating the project’s web page and the research laboratory’s site.