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26th Scientific Symposium with International Participation


A. Continue and expand research area in the field of fruit and propagation material storage;
B. Improving the quality of laboratory research to determine fruit quality by adding new advanced equipment endowment;

The new facilities in the laboratory will be aimed at increasing competitiveness in both directions of research in the field of fruit and propagation material storage and also development of new research topics.

Performance indicators - result from investment in laboratory infrastructure:

A. Continue and expand research area in the field of fruit and propagation material storage, by:

-     Arranging the laboratory for the researches in preserving and improving the fresh horticulture products assuming the space dividing in areas with precise destination, specific lab technologies for the improving the fresh fruit trees products with different grades of perishability: packing lab. and transport for the horticulture products, physiology lab., chemical and biochemical lab., technologic lab. and other spaces, materials plus sanitary group.

Chemical and biochemical lab. room Calibration and sorting hall

The performances of the laboratories are achieved with modern equipments, reliable and less electricity consuming:

    - The mechanical fruit selection (AGRlLAV 2000 washing machine + Agrical 4000 mechanical sizing machine),have a low processing capacity, adequate to the small fruit volume designated for experiments, and a high capacity to adjust at various sort of fruits. The washing machine type Agrilav permit the washing, the brushing and the drying for any kind of fruit and vegetables. Can be fitted to the sorting machine. These machines are equipped with a motor-reducer at 2 speeds for the brush rotation that permit the utilization also with any kind of fruits (peaches, apples, tomatoes, etc.) and electric fan for before drying. These machines are studied for their dimensions to be fitted to every kind of sorting machine with the same production time. AGRILAV 2000 has a hourly production of up to 1000 kg/day and brushes nr. 18 with width of 55cm. AGRICAL 4000 (MELONI), worm screw special machine, is a gauging machine with system of "double screws" special and treatment very delicate. Suitable for apples, cantaloupes and water-cantaloupes (littles type sugar baby), for regulation of calibres.

    - All the equipments are consistent with Directive 98/37/CCE, with the modifications occurred afterwards. The material used will be stainless steel AISI 304, with a low energy consumes.

    AGRILAV 2000 washing machine

    AGRICAL 4000 mechanical sizing machine

    - The fruit storage system in low-temperature cells (4 cells of 150 t capacity) with controlled air humidity and monitored and controlled by computer programs regarding the cell gas mixture (Combi-System, all in one, Ultra Low Oxygen-Controlled Atmosphere from Van Amerongen CA Technology, Nederland) are state of the art techniques in the field of fruit storage. It uses the most innovative and recent storage technology. The design of this equipment is oriented to maximally saving on service and energy costs.
    The scrubbers of the Combi-System are so-called single-vessel scrubbers and enable the customer to set adsorption- en regeneration times independently. The single-vessel scrubber uses only one pump. In contrast to the two-vessel-system, which needs two pumps. For reasons named above, the single-vessel scrubber is not only more efficient but also more energy conscious and money saving. Scrubbers are so-called low-oxygen scrubbers. Next to a central measuring and control tower, is placed the so-called Auto-ULO-Systems (AUS). AUS is a patented, full automatic system. The measuring and control system including gas analysers, processor, modem, and valves is built in the front of the carbon dioxide scrubber. Samples for gas analysis are taken in the scrubber. To do so, the right valves are opened and air is drawn from a certain cold store. The gas composition is analysed, and based on the result the carbon dioxide scrubber, or the VPSA nitrogen generator (when present) will be started. The great advantage is that this system does not need measuring tubes from each store to the scrubber. This saves money, and potential problems with blocked tubes, or sucking up water through the tubes, which will destroy the gas analysers, will be avoided.  The scrubber fan can be used for ventilating the rooms (up to 6-10 rooms). In this way costs for separate fans are saved, and no wiring from the control system to the fans have to be applied.

    Ultra Low Oxygen-Controlled Atmosphere (ULO-CA) cell


    B.Improving the quality of laboratory research to determine fruit quality by adding new advanced equipment endowment:

    Fruit firmness tester (HPE-II-FFF Digital model - Heinrich Bareiss Prüfgerätebau GmbH DKD Laboratorium, with exchangeable anvils who require digital accuracy and data output). These testers are precise units and the only models on the market which can analyze the firmness of fruit such as apples, peaches, apricots, strawberries and much more non-destructively and accurately. Is equipped with serial interface and 9-poled PC cable, integrated pressure spring for a constant contact pressure, measuring time and contact pressure acc. to standards, exchange device for different test anvils (test anvil  0.1  cm2 for peaches, apricots and plums, test anvil 0.25 cm2 for cherries and tomatoes, test anvil 0.50 cm2 for strawberries and watermelons, test anvil ball Ø 5 mm for apples, avocados, onions, papayas, mangos, bananas). The measured data storage allows storing 300 results. After the measurement is done, the result will be saved automatically.

    To this are added equipments and laboratory equipments existing to ICDP Pitesti and including common laboratory equipments and measuring and control equipments (balances, pH-meters, digital and mechanical penetrometers, titratable, optical refractometers).

    Combi-System, all in one, Ultra Low Oxygen-Controlled Atmosphere (ULO-CA)

    Fruit firmness tester (HPE-II-FFF Digital model - Heinrich Bareiss Prüfgerätebau GmbH DKD Laboratorium)