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26th Scientific Symposium with International Participation


Laboratories structure grew and was reorganized so as covering both research and training activities in plant tissue in vitro culture and fruit tree virology field.

1. Research and documentary research, technology and technical solutions in plant tissue in vitro cultures field for:

● development and / or improve protocols for micropropagation techniques of economic interest fruit tree species;
● introduction in vitro culture conditions as many varieties and cultivars of important fruit species important;
● optimization the  multiplication process for each variety;
● develop in vitro systems to eradicate viral diseases important in the production of certified planting material;
● rapid multiplication of fruit and ornamental  species and  cultivars;
● establish effective methods for medium and long term conservation of plant cells and tissues;
● development of several techniques that support plant breeding such as obtaining, selection and induction of genetic variation to obtain valuable genotypes in fruit plants.

2.  Research and documentary services, technology and technical solutions in the field of fruit plants virology for:

● detection and identification of new virus diseases at fruit tree species;
● application in study of viruses new serological and molecular techniques;
● rapid diagnosis of health  in terms of viral status;
● plants viruses elimination studies applying thermotherapy.

3. Dissemination of information on the scientific event and scientific journals

4. Other services include:

●  production of fruit propagation material of the higher classes "pre-basic" and "basic;
● control of the sanitary status of plants during propagation  and even nursery activities
● fruit species germplasm conservation.
● scientific and technical expertise in domain;
● technology information for producers who want to become competitive in the market of certified fruit planting material;
● viral infections identification at the request of growers in their production fields.