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26th Scientific Symposium with International Participation


To re-establish and modernize the full fruit patrimony is a great demand of planting material but at the same time the need to recover the research sector witch can provide scientific competence, modern techniques and technologies for producing fruit nursery stock according to new standards. It is necessary for investment in research infrastructure development to obtain and maintain superior biological categories of planting material for reaching of the European countries. Our efforts up to now have not succeeded to line up the research at the European level due to low financing and late reformation. By getting new equipment from this investment project the laboratory will become modern and competitive research sector which will sustain production of qualitative fruit planting material and proving that the plants obtained by tissue culture are healthy. The quality involves not only the essential components but also the fit sanitary (viral) condition of planting material. The results of this project permit application of the most modern techniques for virus diagnosis of fruit plants according to certification programs (Decree 1295/2005), for in vitro germplasm preservation and also for development new plant propagation biotechnologies. We improved the working conditions in the tissue culture laboratory both in the sterile and non-sterile chambers by new washing and storage of glass devices, specific equipment for in vitro inoculation and replication chambers, fit equipment for maintaining the temperature and light periods in the growth chambers. The objectives regarding virology diagnosis, such as complete the appropriate endowment for serological and molecular diagnosis activity development, reach moreover some aspects regarding laboratory scheme with a view to control the contamination in PCR laboratory. Project achievements make possible scarcely application of ELISA technique combined with advanced techniques like PCR, RT-PCR, and RFLP in phytopathology, which increase capacity of detection pathogens and also capacity to understand their ecology and epidemiology. Retechnologization thermotherapy chambers assure precise conditions for plants virus elimination studies. The automatic meters will do a precise recording of temperature, humidity, exposure parameters. Rehabilitation of greenhouses, plumbing for water supply, shading, artificial mist, irrigation, was realized by supply with materials for following workings: renewal pumps station, wiring and equipment, reconditioning vegetation beds, lateral walls of greenhouses and resistance structure and roofing greenhouses. The laboratory modernization will lead to do new fundamental and practical studies for topically projects in virology and tissue culture directions such as: viruses detection, virus strain identification, new propagation biotechnologies development for in vitro propagation of horticultural species difficult to propagate by standard methods, application the tissue culture and thermotherapy for virus elimination in more fruit species. Will be yield contribution for rebuilt fruit trees patrimony, for profitableness and extension of private nurseries and certification of a nuclear certified mother plants for rapid multiplication. Our aim is to develop research that will help nursery industry in Romania and correlation fruit growing recovery action with activity on fruit planting material production.