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26th Scientific Symposium with International Participation


Project Name: Modernization and retehnologisation of virology and tissue culture laboratory at fruit tree species

Acronym: MRLVCT

PROJECT MANAGER:  Dr. ing. Valentina Isac, Propagation Virology – Tissue Culture Laboratory, Tel / fax: 0248/278066; 0248/27847, E - mail:,;

Name of Research Program: Capacities of the National Plan for R & D and Innovation for 2007-2013 (PN II);

Project category: CAPACITY, Module I

Financing: State budget
Contracting Authority: The National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS) headquartered in Bucharest, Mendeleev Street nr. 21-25, sector 1, postal code 010362, phone / fax: (021) 3183067;
Beneficiary: Research Institute for Fruit Growing, 117450 Marului Street, nr.402, Arges, Tel 0248/278066, Fax. 0248/278477, E-mail:,;
General Manager: Dr. ing:  Coman Mihail

The grant agreement no:  101 / 14. 09. 2007

Contract length:  24 months

Start date: 14.09.2007

End date: 31.08.2009

The contract value is 1 328 000 lei, representing the total amount allocated to the budget draft of the budget year:
2007:    100 000 lei;
2008: 1 000 000 lei;
2009:     228 000 lei.

Access conditions are established by negotiation between parteners.