International Workshop on
Sustainable Fruit Growing
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The International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), the Research Institute for Fruit Growing, Pitesti, Romania (RIFG) and the Organizing Committee for the Second Balkan Symposium on Fruit Growing (II BSFG), are pleased to invite you to attend one of the most significant events for the fruit growing sector in Balkan area, from the 5th to 7th September, 2011. Register at in order to receive current information about the Symposium.


International co-operation

There is a permanent and direct cooperation with Institutes and researchers from 12 Countries as well as with international organizations such as: EUFRIN, FAO, INRA, IBPGR, ISHS, and EUCARPIA. Our Institute is yearly visited by a great number of scientists and representatives of foreign companies involved in collaboration programs. International projects: FP6 – „European small berries genetic resources” (2007-2010), Action SharCo (FP7) „Sharka Containment”, FP7 „Improving European berries production, quality and nutritional value”; COST 843 „Quality enhancement of plant production through tissue culture”, COST 863 – „Euroberry research: from Genomics to Sustainable Production Quality and Health” (2006-2010); COST 864 – „Combining traditional and advanced strategies for plant protection in pome fruit growing” (2007-2011), and Bilateral Bulgaria - „Seed transmission of plum pox virus” (2005-2007).

There is a permanent exchange of publications with more than 56 institutes and foreign libraries as results of yearly publishing of the Annual Reports, brochures or catalogues.