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26th Scientific Symposium with International Participation

Project CEEX 78/01.08.2006

Studies on reuse of urban sludge as fertilizer in the fruit orchards, according to E.U regulations (NAMOLPOM)

General objectives

1. Use of the urban sludge as a fertilizer in the fruit orchards employing a precise and complex methodology which will protect the environment and human health.

2. A multidisciplinary approach of the project subject.

3. Increasing of knowledge level of the scientific team in order to achieve the project objects and their promotion in the socio-economic fields into a large extent.

4. Development of the present human and material resources and focusing on the integrated research area in order to be lined up to the European research, area – ERA.

Specific objectives

- Working out a support data bank (including legislation, standards) to find new working methods and solutions for utilization the urban muds In the fruit orchards;

- Components characterization (mud, soil, manure) which shall be used in the nutrient mixtures by chemical and microbiological analyses.

- Evaluation of the impact of urban sludge utilization as organic fertilizer on the soil, water and tree.

- Impact of the sludge application as organic fertilizer on the soil microbiological and chemical properties and drainage water from pots.

- Quantification of water supply for the nutrient medium in pots and determination of the tree hydric condition – water potential in the plant.

- Influence of the urban sludge used in tree fertilization and indicated by leaves and fruit analyses.

- Dissemination of results by national and international meetings, updating the web site.

- Organizing a workshop with internal and international participation dealing with the use of urban sludge as fertilizer in the fruit orchards (participation of District Council, ANCA, private farmers);

- Publishing of a handbook: Use of the urban sludge as fertilizer in the fruit orchards.

- Organization of an integrated technological network regarding the management of use the urban sludge as fertilizer in the fruit orchards, to support the implementation and joining to new projects on the European platform – Plants for the future.