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26th Scientific Symposium with International Participation

Project CEEX 78/01.08.2006

Studies on reuse of urban sludge as fertilizer in the fruit orchards, according to E.U regulations (NAMOLPOM)

Presentation of the experimental scheme

To provide to pot plants growth conditions as close as possible to the natural ones, namely the nutrient medium in the pot feeding the plants with water and food should not be limitative, the pots having adequate sizes. Each pot has got a concrete recipient like a cylinder of 1 m height, diameter and 0.785 m³ volume. Besides these conditions, such pots enable to have a soil column high enough to the percolation and retention of organic and mineral components resulted from the sludge decomposition.

The study regarding the effects of dehydrated sludge as fertilizer on soil components and pot plants will be carried on within a bifactorial experiment like 2 x 6, with 4 replications per each treatment (48 pots).

Here is the experimental scheme:

• A factor – depth of the nutrient medium: a1 = 0-30 cm; a2 = 0-60 cm

• B factor – Sludge fertilization level with 6 graduations: b1 – control – soil; b2 – mixture of classic soil + manure (100 t/ha), b3 – 50 t/ha, sludge, b4 – 100 t/ha sludge, b5 – 150 t/ha sludge, b6– 200 t/ha sludge.