International Workshop on
Sustainable Fruit Growing
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26th Scientific Symposium with International Participation

Project CEEX 20

Sustainable fruit production: from genotype towards environmental protection and human health


4. Novelty

The novelty of this project consists of the multidisciplinary and complex approach of the theme to find a high-quality and healthy variety range with a positive impact on the fruit market. The novelty also consists of a holistic and interdisciplinary approach taking into account various view points for the specific aspects which start with the genetic basis of the fruit trees and small trees and finish with the results concerning high-quality fruits. The experiment complexity is high as specialists possess various professional background (horticulture, land reclamation, soil physics and chemistry, physiology and nutritional medicine), as well as the necessary expertise received from national and international competitions. Again, the novelty and complexity is also given by the approach of some maximum actuality objectives in the national and international research, and by the particular and different response of the complex-genetic rootstocks in interaction with a large category of cultivars at various phyto-technical interventions and leading tree shapes to achieve the proposed objectives within a well scientific underlined and rigorous experimental model, in accordance with the level of the national and international achievements.