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IX InternationalPeach Symposium

15 Octombrie 2013

3rd Management Committee and all Working Groups Meeting
„Sustainable production of high-quality cherries for the European market”

3 octombrie 2013

Cercetarea pomicola
Sesiunea anuala de referate stiintifice cu participare internationala

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International co-operation

There is a permanent and direct cooperation with Institutes and researchers from 12 Countries as well as with international organizations such as: EUFRIN, FAO, INRA, IBPGR, ISHS, and EUCARPIA. Our Institute is yearly visited by a great number of scientists and representatives of foreign companies involved in collaboration programs. International projects: FP6 – „European small berries genetic resources” (2007-2010), Action SharCo (FP7) „Sharka Containment”, FP7 „Improving European berries production, quality and nutritional value”; COST 843 „Quality enhancement of plant production through tissue culture”, COST 863 – „Euroberry research: from Genomics to Sustainable Production Quality and Health” (2006-2010); COST 864 – „Combining traditional and advanced strategies for plant protection in pome fruit growing” (2007-2011), and Bilateral Bulgaria - „Seed transmission of plum pox virus” (2005-2007).

There is a permanent exchange of publications with more than 56 institutes and foreign libraries as results of yearly publishing of the Annual Reports, brochures or catalogues.

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